How to create a backup of your site and restore it?

Login to your CPanel Control Panel and choose "Backup Wizard" from the files menu. Click on the "Backup" link. Next you will want to decide if you want a Full Backup or a Partial Backup of certain areas of your site.  Click on the link for the appropriate backup you wish to take.  Select where you want the backup to be sent.  Please remember if you chose your home directory you may exceed your disk quota.  If you want the process to email you when finished you will need to add the address where asked.  Once you are ready, just click on "Generate Backup."

If you've previously downloaded a backup copy of your website through your CPanel Control Panel, restoring your site is a simple process.

Login to your CPanel Control Panel and choose "Backup Wizard" from the file menu. Once inside the Backup menu, select "Restore: and you'll be prompted to perform three separate types of backup restorations, including "Restore a Home Backup," "Restore an SQL Database," and/or "Restore an Alias/Filter Backup." Choose the type of backup you wish to restore, click the "Browse" button next to your backup option, and direct your hosting account server to the file on your computer which you'd like to restore.

After the file has been located, click the "Upload" button and your hosting account will begin to restore your backup automatically for you.

The Backup area of your CPanel Control Panel allows you to backup your current hosting account, settings and files, Please do not keep a backup file on the cpanel itself as it may get unreachable or deleted. You should always keep your own backups of your hosting account, on your local computer, to provide for easy recovery in the event of a problem.

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