cPanel Email Setup for Microsoft Outlook

This tutorial will help provide you details on how to configure your outlook with your cpanel e-mail account.

1) To create a new account in Outlook, first go to the tab ‘File’. Click on ‘Account Settings’ and choose ‘Account Settings’ from the drop-down menu. 
2) Click ‘New’ in the new window 
3) Choose the option ‘Manually configure server settings or additional server types’ and click ‘Next’
4) Choose ‘Internet E-mail’ and click ‘Next’ 

Your Name: the name of your account in Outlook
E-mail Address: your email address created in cPanel
Password: your email password
Account Type: select IMAP or POP3 from the drop-down menu
Incoming mail server:
Outgoing mail server:

Please, make sure, that the option ‘Require logon using Secure Password Authentication ( SPA )’ is unchecked.

6) Click ‘More Settings’ 
7) Go to the tab ‘Outgoing Server’ and check-mark the option ‘My outgoing server ( SMTP ) requires authentication ‘
8) Now go to the tab ‘Advanced’ and enter the following ports: 

Incoming server ( if are using IMAP ):
 993 port for SSL, 143 for TLS. 
Incoming server ( if you are using POP3): 
995 port for SSL, 110 for TLS. 
Outgoing server (SMTP): 
465 port for SSL, 25 or 587

*Sometimes local ISP blocks the standard outgoing port "25", Please use 587 as the outgoing server port if you encounter an issue sending out.

9) Click ‘Ok’ to return to the main window. 
10) Click ‘Test Account Settings’ to check if everything entered is correct. If it is, you will see the statuses ‘Completed’ 

OR  You can also try the following configuration:

User Information:

Your Name: Ibon Adarna
Email Address:

Server Information:

Account Type: POP3
Incoming mail server:
Outgoing mail server:

Logon Information:

User Name:
Password: ******* (Your email password)

Click on "More Settings"

Go to "Outgoing Server" tab.

Tick "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication"
Select "Use same settings as my incoming mail server"

Then, Go to "Advance" tab.

Server Port Numbers:

Incoming server (POP3): 995
Tick "This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL/TLS)

Outgoing server (SMTP): 465
Use the following type of encrypted connection (SSL/TLS)



Another way to access your email is via webmail, click here to know how to access your webmail.

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