Difference between our Premium Web Hosting vs Unli Hosting?

Difference between our Premium Web Hosting vs Unli Web Hosting?

- Both are shared hosting services which uses cPanel and its features.
- Premium hosting have higher CPU/RAM configuration as compared to Unli Hosting Plans (The more RAM/CPU the faster)
- With Premium Hosting, you can create email accounts sizes upto the maximum size of your plan's disk space. Example: If you have a 1GB plan, you can create approximately an email account with a 1GB size. Unlimited account e-mail box sizes are only allowed to 250MB, You need to clear email box space regularly or download it using your email client.
- With Premium Hosting, you can create larger databases depending on the size of your disk space. Unlimited account databases (Mysql) are only allowed to 1GB
- Unlimited Accounts have unlimited disk space and bandwidth, Premium Hosting gives you the disk space allocation as per your plan.

You can further check the specifications of the plans on the link below:

Premium Web Hosting:


Unli Web Hosting:


Please check on our Terms of Service, under "Unlimited Hosting at Philwebhosting.Net" to understand the restrictions for Unli-plans.



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