Q: What is the difference between Domain, Web Hosting and Site Files?

Domain Names

Computers communicate using certain set of numbers which is called IP addresses (example However, It is quite hard to remember such numbers, so the solution to this was domain names. Domain names are words combined with TLDs. (common TLDs .com .net .org). Example: philwebhosting.net or your-website.com. Domain names are pointed to the server IP addresses, so that when you want to visit your site which is hosted inside the server you will just type the domain name instead of the IP address.

Domain names are basically your NAME address that is pointed to your HOSTING. They are not the same and is used to work hand in hand.

You can vie our domain pricing in this link http://philwebhosting.net/domain-names.html

Web Hosting, Hosting or Server

This is a physical or virtual server where in you upload your site files. This is a storage (like you hard disk in your home computer) in which you put your site files and where the domain will point and pull the information when you visit your website. This is just a space for you to put your files inside or even use for emails.

We have a control panel for you to manage your hosting properly and easily, our control panel is cPanel. you can view tutorials at http://philwebhosting.net/client-support/knowledgebase.php

Site Files

These are files that is designed by you or a Web Designer that is uploaded to the server. These are the things that you will see when you visit your domain in your browser. You can upload the files in your hosting easily using cPanel File Manager and also via FTP.

Site files can be a combination of HTML, PHP, Jpeg, PNG and some other things needed to build a web site. If you do not know how o create a website, you can install wordpress (Can be easily installed using softaculous inside cPanel) or try our site builder which is also inside the cPanel.

These are the 3 fundamental things you will need to have an up and running web site. Please take note that Domain and Hosting are dependent on each other and is a must to have both to function properly.

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