Why my website is getting 503 or 508 error?

We have implemented CloudLinux in all our servers, which was designed to ensure server stability by putting limits for each user, some websites mght experience 503 or 508 error. This will also control the abusers and also provides security by isolating each cpanel site with LVE (Lightweight Virtual Environment).

503 error

This means website has reached entry processes limit.This might happen mostly for heavy websites that gets enormous amount of requests and creates huge amount of Apache processes. When this limit is being reached, no more Apache processes will be created for particular user and the website will start to show 503 error message.

508 error

This means website is has reached concurrent connections limit.This limit is being used to prevent high server load by flooding Apache with concurrent connections. If the limit is being reached, website will start to show 508 error till existing requests will be processed.

You can try to implement Cloudflare this will speed up your site. However, if you are still encountering this errors, you might need to upgrade your plan if you are hitting this limits (We have created our plans with respect to RAM and CPU allocation as well).

Other things you can do:

  • Check that the software are all up to date.
  • Check the document root of your websites for any "error_log" files.
  • Optimize your database
  • Check your codes and make sure they are error free
  • Check if you may need to uninstall any plugins or software that is not used or not functioning properly.

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