Suspension due to Malware

Malware (Malicious Software) is a security threat to the server and the anyone visiting the website. Philwebhosting.Net does malware scan on servers from time to time. If our automated malware/virus scanner detects infected files in your site it will automatically suspend your account. When your site gets suspended due to malware, this will require your immediate action.

The suspension is necessary to avoid any blacklisting of your domain and the server that you are hosted in.

Your files are your responsibility, make sure that you have a good back up, as malware attacks can lead to infected files or data loss.

If you are not familiar on how to solve such issues, you will need to do further research or consult a web developer/security professional. 

Typical reasons why your site has been compromised are:

1.) Using NULLED Scripts - web applications that you can obtain from pirate websites that have been modified and distributed. Often times there are hidden codes on the files that is not easy to trace. This can lead to SQL injection or other forms of attack.

2.) EOL - End Of Life or Outdated scripts - Scripts that are not any more up-to-date and will most likely have some security holes.

3.) Wrong File Permission - Make sure you secure your scripts properly with the correct file permission.

4.) Insecure Passwords on your databases or other password enabled scripts.

5.) Poor Coding - a website with poor coding will often have security holes.



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