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Domain Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a domain name and why should you register one?

A domain name is an address that we often use to access websites or emails. It is usually consisted of several characters which is usually composed of a word/s, a company or person's name. You can buy domain names directly from registrar like Philwebhosting.Net. You must get a domain so that you can have your own address in the internet. Click here to get your domain now!

Do you offer .ph domains?

Yes, We do provide .ph ,, and domain registration. Please take note that for .ph domains, it is not automated as we need to do some verification after you sign up.

How can I control the domain name that I got from Philwebhosting.Net?

After the domain name registration, Our system will automatically send the domain details to your registered email. It will contain links and instructions on how to do things with your domain.

I got my Domain from another provider, Can I use it with Philwebhosting.Net

Yes, All you need to do is point your domain to our nameservers. If you are not familiar how to do it, We would be happy to assist you. Just submit a ticket to request for this.

What is the best domain name I can use?

Well, when it comes to the internet, The shorter the better. It is best also to get a domain name that fits the site or business that you have. The shorter the domain name, the easiest people or visitors can recall it.

Do I need a domain with hosting for my website to go online?

Yes, a domain and hosting plan are the 2 primary component that is needed for your website to go online. You can select a web hosting plan here.

Do you have a bundle that has a Domain, Web Hosting and Web design?

Yes, we do!. Please contact our sales to get more details and quotations. Please contact Sales here.


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