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Bring your Philwebhosting.Net web hosting plan to the next level! CloudFlare will boost your website performance!

We have partnered with CloudFlare to ensure that all of our customers have the best web hosting experience possible. By joining the CloudFlare community, you'll have access to performance and security resources previously reserved for large websites.

You can now enable this powerful service quickly and easily, right from your hosting control panel (cPanel).


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How Cloudflare can help your site?

Handpicked Global Datacenters

Add speed to your website!

The CloudFlare content delivery network automatically stores your static content at locations around the world for faster delivery. Websites load, on average, twice as fast after enabling CloudFlare. And search engines love fast-loading websites!

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Optimizes your site

CloudFlare optimizer includes a number of tools to speed delivery of all web pages – even those with ad servers, third-party widgets, databases, and tools – to computers and mobile devices. The size of the CloudFlare community enables access to the fastest routes and biggest pipes.

We can help you transfer cpanel to cpanel

Helps you with your uptime

Content is delivered through CloudFlare's distributed network, offering you redundancy: if there is a problem at one data centre, visitors can be rerouted to another, ensuring your website's peak performance at all times.

Web Hosting Control Panel

Added security

The CloudFlare community is always on the watch for the latest threats from hackers and spammers. Once detected, new attacks are blocked for the entire community.

Web Hosting Control Panel

It is absolutely FREE!

Cloudflare and its basic components are completely free. It is free with all web hosting plan here in Philwebhosting.Net.

Web Hosting Control Panel

Easy as 1-2-3

It is very easy to configure the cloudflare in your cpanel, just follow the following steps on this link page "How to enable cloudflare in your control panel?"

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